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Top 5 Cheap-Eats In Barcelona!

Top 5 Cheap-Eats In Barcelona!

If you know me, you know I'm always trying to get as much bang for my buck as possible. So why should that stop completely just because I'm traveling?

Yes, vacation is a time to forget about money and spend it, but I believe there's also opportunities to plan ways to spend less while traveling. If you do this successfully you should still manage to have a great experience!

Getting an honest answer about where to eat comes from talking to the locals! Ahh yes, my favorite pastime when traveling. Skip TripAdvisor and just start talking to people. Ask your tour guide, the cool chick next to you at the bar with blue hair, the 60 year old man eating a sandwich to your right (yes, these are all references from my recent trip to Barcelona). Meeting locals really adds to your traveling adventures and these people know where the deals are at without sacrificing quality experiences. I have to say I didn't regret a single one of their recommendations and I've decided to share them so you can check them out when you head to Barcelona :)


Below are my Top 5 Cheap-Eats in Barcelona:


1. 100 Montaditos

Plaça d'Urquinaona, 1, Bajo, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

On Wednesdays and Sundays almost EVERYTHING on the menu goes for 1 euro! They have a huge selection of food and if you don't read Catalan ask around for a menu in spanish or english. Food is pretty simple bites, but the atmosphere is great and you can order cheap beers and alcohol for 1-1.50 euros. Go EARLY to avoid standing around for a table to open up. Perfect place to start the night!

2. La Xampaneria

Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Our Australian tour guide suggested this place after our free walking tour of The Old City, aka The Gothic Quarter. He warned us that it's easy to miss this gem because it doesn't have a sign outside and it might look intimidating because it appears full. He said just head inside anyway because it's a must before 5pm - that's when you can take advantage of a bottle of Cava Rose for 6 euros and really cheap sandwiches and burgers. He recommended the hamburger with pickles and bacon. You can eat and drink here for 7 euros if you're sharing with a friend. AND one cool unique part about this spot is that when you're done with your napkins and wrapping paper, just toss them on the ground! That's just the way it is at this place, everyone was doing it. We felt pretty ill-mannered, but we were just assimilating!

3. La Flauta

Carrer d'Aribau, 23, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

This spot was recommended to us by our 60 year old friend, Rafeal (mentioned above), that we met at La Xampaneria. See how life can take you from one thing to the next the more you say yes to things? Anyway, he said this place was one of his favorites because of the reasonable menu del dia order! Not many tourists eat here and that's what we wanted, a real local's restaurant. A menu del dia consists of a first plate, second plate, dessert, and a drink (water, red or white wine). If I remember correctly the menu del dia cost around 11 euros here, which is not bad considering all that was included in the meal! For that price you get the upscale atmosphere. I will say the service here was a bit hurried and a bit uppity, but if that stuff doesn't affect you like me you'll enjoy yourself. Get the paella and bistec con papitas and delicious crema catalana! 

4. BLAI STREET or Carrer Blai

Poble Sec neighborhood

My friends and I were so lucky to be staying at a hostel right around the corner from this strip! Before you settle on eating at any restaurant on this street I suggest just taking a stroll to look at the menu prices advertised on signs and chalkboards outside. Many of them offer pinchos for 1 euro each, but this one restaurant on a corner sold a pitcher of sangria for 9 euros! Which was great for sharing with a friend. For affordable eats and an authentically unique dining experience, go to Blai street!

5. La Paradeta

Passatge de Simó, 18, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

OK, now you'll have to go to this place and tell me how good it is!!! Our tour guide originally said we should go here for the price and the delicious seafood, BUT we were so tired and hungry we ended up at La Pedreta by mistake! DON'T CONFUSE THE TWO haha. Apparently La Paradeta is the one which is super fresh seafood at a super good price and I honestly wish I had eaten there - so go there for me and tell me how amazing it was!

I will say though that the 11 euro menu del dia offered at La Pedreta (the other place we ate at accidentally) was delicious and we were being frugal enough where it was ok to treat ourselves. Our female waitress was also wonderful. At La Pedreta you have to order the first plate of arroz negro con mariscos, the second plate should be bistec con papas, and I got a pudding which was really good - also red wine! 


LIDL Supermarket

Various locations

OK, now I know this is not a restaurant BUT this is for my readers who get excited about having a really good time for a really good price! Normally you'd spend a couple euros on drinks when you go out, but at this amazing supermarket you can buy bottles of wine for 1-2 euros! Talk about pre-game! This recommendation goes out to our friends from Utah who we met at our hostel. You can also buy fresh bread for 0.19-0.59 euros and, if your lucky like me, jamon serrano on sale for 1 euro! Buy some cheese and you're making your own delicious pinchos and getting way more of it for way less. Trust me, even though it's packaged meat, it tastes so good and not like what you'd find in the US. Their jamon is unreal. Take your sandwhiches to LA BARCELONETA like we did and just eat and drink on the beach! 

Now that you've been given the inside scoop on where to stop by and eat while you're in Barcelona be sure to leave me a comment below sharing how you enjoyed it and maybe take a pic while you're at it! I look forward to hearing about your experiences :)

Photoshoot with Natalia Ortonowska

Photoshoot with Natalia Ortonowska